About Us

DEVELOPER IQ has emerged as Asia's No 1 software magazine. For the past six 
years the magazine has had a consistent market presence and our readership base 
has grown over 200,000 with the print run of 85,000 copies. The major segments 
our magazine today caters to are Software Industry, Banks, Institutions, Policy 
, Software Professionals, researchers, Libraries, education and bodies 
related to the field of Software.

In our incessant effort to provide quality information to our readers on 
one-hand we have taken a unique step further to address to the information of 
the industry. On the other the broad mandate of the magazine is to disseminate 
the information on technical and scientific inputs of IT community, adopting 
which they can get added value and better returns.

We have always believed the magazines can serve as an important vehicle to 
showcase your products, achievements, activities and help in focused brand 



  • 73% are involved in the purchase process for information products

  • 65% learn about new products and service providers from Magazine 

  • 85% pay special attention to our Magazine because it is an software navigator 

  • 67% share the Magazine with other members of their organization

  • 69% rate the Magazine as a very good source of providing information for job 

  • 68% believe that the greatest strength of the Magazine is the forum it 
    provides for current industry topics

  • 96% are interested in the IT articles in the Magazine

  • 68% of our subscribers work for enterprises with more than 500 employees.

  • 72% of the Developers are interested in the source code pages and the content 
    on the CD's.